This app will COMPLETELY destroy caches for all CM themes installed on the device, allowing the next boot to build all installed themes again directly from its corresponding APK.

After the first reboot, let the device settle (imagine installing all themes all over again) for around 1 minute per theme on your phone - at this point, your phone should be lagging and stuttering. Reboot again after so that CM Theme Engine initializes it’s configuration properly.

Your next boot duration will be directly proportional to the amount of themes you have installed on your device.

Quick and easy to use

A simple app which only displayed a dialog that would perform a deep clean. The user can Proceed or Cancel and the magic happens in the background when all the cache is cleared recursively within 1-2 minutes (100,000+ files for I/O read/write). theme rebuilder dialog

Get notified when done!

The process takes a while, but once it is done, one click of the notification will immediately reboot the device. a screenshot of when the caches are cleared