During the early days before customizing themes were a big thing, we needed a way to allow the user to change prefixed images and colours. There were two big things back then - contextual headers for the SystemUI header (which changed based by the day) and the current theme’s colour accent.

The app will automatically detect which compatible themes are installed on the device and will update the list accordingly. This uses an intent filter that can detect whether the theme decided to support dashboard.

Accent colour hotswapper

An impossible feat which allowed the user to hotswap any theme’s accent on-the-fly during runtime. This feature is now present in many Android versions starting with Android 9.0, but when this feature was first created, it was in Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and Android 6.0 (Marshmallow). colour changing

Contextual header image cropping

This function allowed the user to crop any image of their choosing to assign it to a specific header. headercrop

Contextual header swapper

There were six different notification header images that the user can change. headerswap

SystemUI tools

Unlike many tools for CyanogenMod Theme Engine, this tool allowed for complete cache rebuilds, which mean that any bug or issue that occurs with the CMTE will be able to be fixed using dashboard. systemui tools