A project created for a pharmaceutical firm in Egypt. This app was created for doctors, patients and parents of patients who need to quickly decipher the level of bilirubin of their loved ones in a quick and easy app.


The sample data was based off of this chart: sample data sample data 2 Using this chart and a quick turn around time of one day, this app analyzes all the data points given by the user such as:

  • Weight (in grams)
  • Age (in hours)
  • Total serum bilirubin inoculated (in mg/dl)
  • Type of hyperbilirubinemia (Hemolytic / Non-Hemolytic)

After the data is input by the user, the application will calculate a point based on that chart, plots it out on the chart, which we parse as a Bitmap, and the point will depict the Zone level (1/2/3/4/5/6a/6b/7) of the patients hyperbilirubinemia. chart This chart is a visual representation of all the data that the app plots and takes from.

Upon successful data input, the app will display Zone data with medical notes and guidance: chart

The saving grace of having to finish this project in under eight hours is a message from the pharmacy themselves: telegram screenshot